Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Barbie Couture

Good day, good day! Ok not so much...I've been sick for the past two days and I'm disliking it very much. I have so much to do and so little will power.  Which leads me to explain why I FAILED at my 52 week DIY challenge.  Basically, I just put to much on my plate. Never the less, I will still occasionally post my DIY projects to share with all of you here on my blog. So stay tuned for those.

Speaking of staying tuned....the new website will be launching soon, hopefully this month.  The reason I decided not to close the website down, was because last month I got a call from an old client who wanted to host a huge Trunk Show in a couple of months. Not only was that good news but  I also got more orders from the east coast, which for me means...we are growing. So with that, I'm just gonna have to completely suck-it-up and proceed with faith!

Ok now on to the fun stuff.....let me start by saying, "the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree".  Like some of you might know I use to make my Barbie clothes when I was a child. When I was accepted into FIDM (college), the counselor ask to see my work and kept most of my gowns without my permission, claiming she never had them.  What I'm getting at is, I wish I was about to show you some of the pieces I had made but instead I'll be showing you something better....pieces my mom has made.

My mom and I

The following dress were all made by hand by my darling mom in her spare time.  It's a hobby of hers that I think is heading for something big.

White wedding dress...

with amazing details, including a crown veil.

A royal blue mermaid tail gown...

with a silver bow and halter tie.

And my personal favorite, a black and cream halter gown....

with a black bow detail on the back.

I am truly amazed at all the details she puts into these dresses. Totally collectible.  How cool would be to have one of these in an actually life size.  I'm currently working on setting up her shop with all these gowns for Barbie and so much more.  Meanwhile, if your interested in any of these pieces, leave a comment or email me at

Till the next time loves, peace & love!


  1. Melissa wow I wish your mom made this back when we were barbie would have been sporting this collection. Tell your mom great job :)

    Much Love Cousin D

  2. Hi Mel,

    Your mom's collection is great! I wish she had made these back then when we were kids, I would have definitely been sporting these on my barbies :)
    Much Love your cousin D

  3. Thanks for reading....I'll be sure tell her. If only we had girls, lol.