Monday, March 19, 2012

Interviewing the Dreamer - the Choreographer

If you missed my last fashion show for SS12 with Project Ethos, then you missed a talented young lady's performance! Noooo, I'm not the talented young lady (lol).  Her name is Joanna Baca and she opened my runway show in what now has become a staple of my runway shows.  Her performance has already received awesome reviews.
" One particularly inspiring moment of the night was watching a young sixteen year old model work the crowd as she opened the Melissa Velia presentation with an amazing hip hop dance routine she choreographed herself."   - The LA Fashion Magazine 
Here's my interview with Joanna.

When did you start dancing?
I've been dancing ever since I was a little girl at the age of 3.

Joanna Baca

Have you always wanted to be a dancer/ choreographer?
Yes I've always loved to dance and create dances just for fun. As I got older, I found a real interest in choreographing dances for group performances and solos for myself.

Joanna in the center

Have you had any training?
I took dancing lessons for tap, ballet, and jazz when I was younger but stopped when I was 9. I'm currently a member of my schools dance team and the experience of working with other dancers and learning new material everyday has definitely helped me with my dancing technique.
Who are your favorite dancers/ Choreographers?
My favorite choreographer would have to be LaurieAnn Gibson. I love her style in movement and she has a lot of flavor. There are also many talented dancers that inspire me that it's hard to name.

Who inspires you?
Famous choreographers such as Jaquel knight, Mikey Minden, and LaurieAnn inspire me as a choreographer and influence the way I intend to dance.

When you were asked to pro-form for the fashion show, what did you think?
When I was asked to perform I was so stoked and excited. I couldn't wait to experience the opportunity to open for Melissa Velia with my own dance choreo.

Pic via

Where you nerves going on stage?
That entire day of the fashion show and rehearsal, my nerves continued to build. I ran my dance in my head about 500 times. When the lights dimmed, and when I took my place on stage, all my nerves went away an I just gave it my all. I left everything on the dance floor and truly had fun with it.
Joanna backstage before her performance
How often do you perform?
I perform dance numbers quite often for dance competitions, dance recitals, benefit shows, and many school events which are every year.

Who's your biggest supporter?
My biggest supporter would have to be my mom. She encourages me to excel in dancing and try new dance technique. She is always at every performance and shows tons of support.

Is dancing/ choreography something you want to do for a living?
Yes dancing is something I see myself working towards in my future. And making a profession out of. One of my goals is to work with well known dancers and choreographers and grow as my own unique dancer.

Is this something you want to do for the rest of your life?
I want to experience new opportunities in dance throughout my life but mostly I want to inspire other people to dance and impact there view on it as well.

What's the hardest thing about being a choreographer?
The hardest thing about being a choreographer is probably taking time and energy out to put together an amazing dance number. Dance honestly takes a lot of dedication and is more difficult than people thing. But I love doing it and wouldn't spend my time doing anything else.

In your wildest dreams where would you like to see your career go?
My dream is to be a performer in concerts and huge events and work with amazing artists and choreographers. I'd love to travel the world and share my talent with people.

Who would you absolutely love to work with? (performer, celeb, singer, etc.)
I would absolutely love to work with LaurieAnn Gibson and Beyonce. That would be my dream.

Check out her performance at my SS12 Fashion Show

For bookings, press or other questions for Joanna Baca, email Jessica at

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Behind the Runway - SS12

Models backstage
WOW, nonstop baby!

This to date, has been one of the most busiest shows I've done. From beginning to now.  Just craziness.  With that said, here are some of the highlights leading to my collections 3rd fashion show, SS12.

Model Nicole at fittings at Project Ethos HQ
Model Alexis at fittings at Project Ethos HQ
Fittings at Project Ethos HQ
Fittings at Project Ethos HQ
Rehearsals with dancer Joanna

Before the show

Before the show
Hair and Make-up
Hair and make-up with models Shameka and Chelsea
Backstage with my two amazing assistants, Denise and Christa

Backstage with model Melina
Backstage wearing a preview to my Fall 2012 Collection and our ever popular At The Opera Earrings and Velvet Bow Belt.

View the rest of the behind the scenes pictures here.  Coming up on my blog, runway pictures, the runway video, press pics and my interview with the dancer who opened my show. Good times!

Monday, March 12, 2012


What is LAFW?  Los Angeles Fashion Week .

So this past Saturday I attended a fashion show at Ace Gallery with a friend Tehelah Lisett, a fellow fashion lover.  It was my first time going to a fashion show I wasn't working in, showing in or associated with.  I felt kind of weird at first as I wondered the crowded white halls of Ace Gallery, while I waited to meet up with Telelah.  I never actually have a chance to take in the sites and energy of a fashion show/ event before.  I felt like I had a serious staring problem! (lol)  I was seriously lost in a sea of fashion.  Lots of hits and misses in style all around me.  Every time I saw an accessory or shoes I liked I wanted to say, "Love those", like I actually do when I'm out and about.  Only this time, there were to many all around me, I felt like I was in that scene from A Night At The Roxbury, where the dude is surround by good looking girls and he's trying to hit on all of them..."What's up.....What's up...what's up...what's up, what's up, what's up"

As a designer, I've been asked why would I attend another designer's fashion show.  Why not?  The energy is amazing, why not be surrounded by other people who love fashion as much as you do.  Plus, I do have friends who are fashion designer's themselves and love to attend their shows.

Where's Waldo?  (pic via remyfox)

Jen Awad Fashion Show

One of my favorite parts of attending LAFW events is catching up with friends and fellow bloggers.

Laurie B and I

Well...tomorrow is my big night for LAFW.  My Spring/ Summer 2012 collection will hit the runway with dance and color.  I look forward to seeing many of you there! And let's hope I don't fall when I walk the runway.  Yes! I dread this at EVERY show! 

Details for Melissa Velia at Project Ethos, LAFW! CLICK HERE

Xoxo Loves!