Sunday, June 3, 2012


Isn't this jacket to die for?!  Ugh, I completely fall in love with it this past Tuesday. It was vintage, real fur and just amazing but for $350.00, it just wasn't happening.  So I just had to take a picture in it, so that I could day dream about at home!

Yes, that's me with my "el natur al" hair.  I thought, I'd stop straighten for awhile since it's getting pretty long.  Anyways, so Tuesday I also had a lunch date with my lovely friend Heather, another fellow lover of antiques and vintage.  Together we roamed the antiques shops with "ahhhhs.." and "bummers"  So many lovely things from history that just looking at it all was fun in itself.

After some window shopping we had lunch at a trendy little restaurant, The Edge.  Our meal was so yummy, that just typing the words yummy makes my mouth water.

Roasted red pepper bisque with a five cheese grilled cheese. Ugh, heaven

All I know is I will definitely be coming back to this place to do a full on feature for my "Foodie" posts.  So, other then my fab lunch date, my son's kinder graduation coming up, fabric sourcing, filling customer orders, my world is pretty much, calm.  Yes, calm!

Thanks for reading Darlins!