Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11 Year Reunion

So last year I missed my 10 year class reunion because I was working, working, working.  As it turns out most of my closest friends from High School didn't even attend. So we all decided to have our own little 10 year reunion eleven years later. 

Meet the ladies and I, 11 years ago.

Yes, I designed my own prom dress. And the flowers? Well, I wasn't the queen but one of the prom princesses.  And for the record, I ran for queen out of curiosity.

So we met up at this yummy restaurant, Wokcanos.  It was so great to catch up and listen to everyone's stories.  It really made me realize even more how important friendship is and what it really means to be a friend.  So cheers to all of you who are REAL friends, you make this world a better place.

Good times, good food, good company.  Can't wait to see these ladies again for our sleep-over!  Till the next post, "love, peace & chicken grease!"


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