Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fashion Friday - Holiday

Halston Heritage, plum halter dress  -Melissa Velia, beaded headband  -Jimmy Choo, leaf heels

Melissa Velia, black lace top -L wren scott, black velvet skirt -Jimmy Choo, lace heels

Melissa Velia, gold maxi dress with a velvet shoulder bow -Gucci, black fur shawl -Jimmy Choo, black platform heels

Melissa Velia, animal print top -Armani Collezioni, leather skirt -Steve Madden, black platforms

Melissa Velia, black halter dress -Rachael Zoe, gold and black maxi skirt -Melissa Velia, beaded headband -Alexander McQueen, black platform heels

-Akris Punto, top -Melissa Velia, red, peplum, skirt -Melissa Velia, gold necklace -Manolo Blahnik, black heels

-Melissa Velia, perfume print, maxi dress -Alexis Bittar, gold bracelet -Prada, red platform heels

-Stella MaCartney, LBD dress -Melissa Velia, gold necklace -Steve Madden, black platform heels

-Melissa Velia, black, tassel earrings -KG Kurt Geiger, gold, platform heels -Melissa Velia, LBD halter dress

-Melissa Velia, LBD halter dress -Vince Camuto, gold black clutch -Alexander McQueen, platform black heels

-Melissa Velia, black sequins dress -Melissa Velia, metallic turban -Vince Camuto, gold cuff  -Gucci black platform heels

Sunday, November 24, 2013


So I'm not even gonna lie about how long it took me to figure out what OOTD meant. Do you know? I'm sure you do but just in case you don't, it stands for Outfit Of The Day! Yes! Makes sense now, why people hash tag it when they post pics of their outfits right?! (Ha!)

Anyways, enough schooling. So if your wondering how I'm doing since my fall, I'm actually doing better then expected. Although I am still in pain, I can now walk and do stuff. The doctor said my back should heal itself and all I needed to do is physical therapy.  So happy no surgery was needed!

So back to the OOTD pics, I've decided to share daily outfits on my Instagram of pieces from my collections with some of my favorite pieces from other designers. I'll also be including make-up looks with these outfit post to gave ya'll an idea of how to wear your make-up with certain styles. If your not on Instagram, no worries! Every Friday I'll be posting them all on the blog, in what I'm calling Fashion Friday.   Here are last weeks OOTD post...

Well Lovelies, thanks for stopping by. Wishing you all a very blessed Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy your family more then you enjoy shopping!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So this happened...

Ugh, what a night!  So last night as I was walking down my stairs holding a measuring tape and thinking about how my Christmas deco would fit on this one table....I fall. I didn't just slide down, I went up and came crashing down on my lower back mid step.  As I fall I remember thinking three things, "oh God, I hope I didn't break my hubby's measuring tape" "oh not again!" and last, " oh God, I think I just broke my back."

Once I reached the bottom, I crawled my way to the couch. There I realized I could still move my toes, which probably meant I didn't break my back but I was still in so much pain that I just cried out for my sons help. They gave me my phone and I called my mom, my hubby and 911. 

The ambulance came, sirens and all (which honestly was so embarrassing). I was rushed to the nearest hospital and under went x-rays and pain meds. In the end.....I broke a tiny piece of my lower back/ tailbone. The ER doctor said it wasn't to bad, (and I'm thinking, dude my body is broken!!) and that I would have to see a specialist to see if I would need surgery.

For now, I sit here on my couch on drugs, in a lot of pain...blogging my tale.  I feel so dumb that I would fall for the second time within two months down that dumb staircase.

Your prayers are appreciated. 


Friday, November 15, 2013

Where Was I?

If you follow me on Instagram (melissavelia), you might be wondering where I was today.  I was actually on a field trip with my sons in the mountains of  Oak Glen, CA at a lovely colonial farm named, Riley's Apple Farm.

Reliving colonial times and the Revolutionary War was totally worth the drive and the freezing cold weather.  Yes, this little Cali girl was dying in the forty degrees temps. Even in my skinny jeans, black knee high boots, silk blouse and thick black coat, I was cold!

I was totally playing off how cold I was in this pic. Ha! Anyways, this place really takes you back in time to a place that history books give no justice too.  The clothes, the tools, the weapons, the language, the food!

Yes, that's fresh (home style) chicken pot pie, with roasted garlic green beans and fresh chunky applesauce. That amazing house at the top of the post, has a fabulous little tavern (restaurant) inside were they serve this delish meal and the most amazing apple pie you'll ever have.

I highly recommend you check this place out. They have all kinds of special events, like murder mystery night in the tavern.  Definitely coming back next season.

Well, hope you Lovelies have a fab Friday night. I'll be here in my pjs and sketch book. I'll leave you with this one last note, story of my life....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cell Phone Blogging

Who needs a laptop when you've got an iPhone?! Ha! I can't believe I'm actually blogging from my cell phone right now. Yes, ladies and gents, I'm back (for the hundredth time) and this time I'm might just be blogging more then ever before, now that I can do it from my cell phone! (I might be a bit late on this) Never the less, I'm so impressed.

So lets get to the where and what from my world. Where have I been? Moving! Did it really take me 6 months to move? Yes! If my fashion world is not completely set up, I just can't get any work done at all. So as of this week, my little fashion world is all set up and ready to.....create! I have big plans for this Spring. Now that I'm back home in LA, I've got a whole new direction in this business adventure. Stay tuned for all the details, Darlins. For now, I just wanted to say Hello and try out this phone blogging thing. I shall be back tomorrow for some more chit-chat!