Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Umpa, Umpa....

Does anyone know where I may find Lumpaland?  Totally need to get me some of these guys! (ha) Honestly, if you think about it...how wrong was it that Mr. Willy Wonka discovered Lumpaland and took these guys from their land to work in his factory for chocolate?!  Not to mention, they never got to see daylight!  Yeah, can you image someone doing that in real life?! Hmmm...

Aaaanyways,  this whole Umpa Lumpa thing came to mind when I realized that my Spring 2013 collection would not be completed on time for LAFW in October.  I had been planning so much for this collection, including a photo shoot in Palm Springs and a fashion show on the beach.  Unfortunately, all this goodness will have to wait till next year.  I began to fall behind over the summer as I received some of the biggest orders to date from my collection, plus amazing marketing opportunities gifting some events in New York during NYFW next month.  Also, I began to think about that huge "career" move I'm stilling waiting to hear on and what would happen if it all came through.  My Spring Collection would be put to the side and "wasted" if you will.  I would rather push back a collection and give it all the detail and glory then half fast it to keep up with this crazy industry.  Never the less, it won't be all hush hush from my corner either.  I will continue to work on new pieces that don't really belong in a collection but more of using all the lovely fabrics and trims I have on hand to produce some fab stuff at great prices.  Plus, this will give me the chance to do a soft launch for my Nightgown pieces.

Tons of marketing to come this year, including lots of give-aways for all you lovelies who follow me on https://www.facebook.com/DesignerMelissaVelia .  On another note, one of my biggest goals this year is to have a trunk show this November.  So we'll see what happens.  Lord knows, I don't have any Umpa Lumpas helping me, therefore I do this all on my own.  Perhaps some internships would be helpful but even that takes time to find.

I know things change from one day to the next in my world but what can I say, that's the business for you.  Like Jay-Z song, "I'm on to the next one.." and for me, that means choosing opportunities wisely.

Xo Loves.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wiggin' Out!


No, not really (it's a wig).  Although I have always wanted to bleach my hair blonde, I have never had the guts to do it.  Yet, somehow I wasn't to chicken to cut my OWN hair last week!! It turned out to be a nightmare and I was totally freaking out.  It all started when I was watching this movie late at night and totally loved the actress's hair cut in the movie (I won't mention what movie, then you'll totally laugh at me).  So after the movie was over I went straight to the bathroom and cut my hair.  Needless to say, it DID NOT look like Amanda Seyfried's hairdo in the movie.  In fact, she was probably wearing a wig.  I on the other hand, now looked like Dora The Explorer or Anna Wintour, if you want to be nice about it.  In the end I went to get my hair professionally cut and fixed, which I wasn't to happy with either.  I mean the gal did a great job but I was just left thinking..."What have I done?"  So, after a week of playing with my new do I finally came to a happy place. Moral of the story is kids, movies can be a bad influence ;)



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The NEW Accessory? Part 3 of 3 - Lipstick

If you know me, you knooooow I love to wear red lipstick.  I've always loved to wear lipstick. So much so, that when I was in 5th grade I took my mom's red lipstick to school and put some on during lunch time.  I was quickly sent to the principle's office for doing so. Crazy! Just for putting on lipstick!  Yet now that I'm a parent, if had a daughter who was in fifth grade and wore lipstick to school, the school principle would be the least of her worries.

As hard as it may be to view lipstick as an accessory, it really can be.  The right color could add the right statement to any outfit.

Lipstick color, Peony

 Lipstick color, Hot Pink

 Lipstick color, Red

I know for some lipstick can be pretty bold but once you get use to wearing it, it can be as addicting as buying shoes. Granted not all colors look good with all skin tones, so you might find yourself with some hits and misses.  Going to a department store counter is a great way to try lipstick colors against your skin and you don't necessarily have to buy one of those pricey lipsticks either.  Don't get me wrong, I will pay $25.00 for my favorite massacre (Diorshow) .  I won't use anything else after trying tons of drugstore bands and department store brands but one of my favorite lipsticks IS a drugstore (Target) brand.

Although this lipstick doesn't really stay on 14 hours, it still stays on pretty long and doesn't crack off or make your lips stiff.  You may wear a lip liner with it but it's really not need.

Tips - Accessorizing and Wearing Lipsticks

- Start with red. Believe it or not, red goes with most skin tones and most outfits.  It's an easy way to add "pop" to any look.
-  The best eye make-up for a lipstick newbe is black eyeliner on the top lid with a black or brown eyeshadow under your bottom eye lid, plus mascara.
-If you want a dramatic look, black or grey "cat eyes" look great with most lipstick colors (like look number 1 above)
- When wearing lipstick as an accessory, minimize your other accessories like necklaces, bangles, etc. (like look number 2 above)
- Match your lipstick to your shoes or handbag to play it safe (like look number 3 above).
- Whenever you wearing lots of dark eyeshadow (other then black), try to wear a nude or peony color. Or whenever you wear very minimum eyeshadow, choose a color of lipstick that pops.
- If you have been wearing lipstick, be sure to wear chapstick or some type of conditioning on your lips whenever your not wearing lipstick.  It really helps to prevent drying, cracking and wrinkles on your lips.
-Keep your lipstick chiseled for easier application.  You can do this at home by getting card stock paper or a clean business card and slowing shaving a flat angle on the top of your lipstick.  Be careful. I've knocked off a few lipsticks when I first learned how to do this.
- Never mush your lips together. Put your lipstick on evenly.
- You may blot your lips with a tissue if you'd like a matte look to your lipstick.
-Don't forget to do the finger test. Finger test?!! I'd show you but I wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea (lol).  Basically, you stick your CLEAN finger in your mouth (like a lollipop) and pull it back out slowly to remove any enter lipstick that may get on your teeth. I'm sure there are other ways to do this but that's what I do (lol).

You can also check out my fellow blogger Erica (Sweets and Hearts) and her great review on some lipsticks.

I know some of your were waiting for the big "new hair cut" reveal but I honestly haven't had a chance to take a picture.  Next post, I promise!

Xo, Darlins!