Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Sole Mate

WIN these heels!
Melissa Velia Spring/ Summer 2012 Look Book


"My Sole Mate"
Footwear Giveaway Sponsored by Sole Society

:::HOW TO ENTER:::Step 1:  Leave a comment below telling us why these heels are your "Sole Mate"
(Step 1 and 2 must be done by Jan. 7th, 2012)

:::HOW TO WIN:::
On Jan. 7th, your "comment" will be posted on our Facebook Album, "My Sole Mate".  There, fans will vote for  who the real "Sole Mate" is of these hot Fuchsia heels!  The comment with the must "likes" WINS!

Giveaway ends Jan. 21st, 2012 and the winner will be announced on our Face Book page.
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS with your comment below.  (anyone may enter - only one entry per person - only one pair available - no cash prize - heels are the actually heels/ samples featured in our Spring/ Summer  2012 Look Book - heels, courtesy of Sole Society)

"Sole Society, the chic new destination for the shoe-obsessed. Featuring monthly collections personally curated for each member’s unique style, Sole Society is the shoe membership website where fashionistas can indulge their love for designer-quality shoes, on a recessionista’s budget. Whether it’s a chic flat or the season’s most coveted bootie, Sole Society makes finding every occasion’s “solemate” effortless and affordable".

Don't forget to check-out the other amazing heels on!

How Sole Society Works
When members first visit the site, they are asked to take an interactive style quiz to determine their unique “Style Bio” using preferred celebrities, runway looks and style images as a guide. At the beginning of each month, each member receives a fresh collection of shoes in her “closet,” recommended based on her personal style choices.  

Following a shopper’s first purchase, they are officially a “member” of Sole Society and eligible to receive a new pair of shoes each month for just $49.95 to $69.95. Members may choose to purchase one or more pairs of shoes per month, defer the month or even see an entirely new selection of styles – it’s all part of the customizable experience. Access to the latest styles, free shipping, easy returns, and the option to skip a month makes Sole Society the ultimate personalized shoe shopping experience.

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Sole Society is a shoe-dedicated division of HauteLook, the premier private sale site offering the top fashion and lifestyle brands. HauteLook was acquired by Nordstrom, Inc. in March 2011.

Best of Luck, Darlins!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Shoot!

"Oh shoot, I'm sick!"

Good Lord, what a weekend.  Who would of known that I'd be super sick this whole weekend.  And I'm not just talking little cold.  I had a full on fever, earache and all!  It was so not pretty but once again in my world....the show must go on and so it did.

"Beauty Is" contest winner, Alyssa

Can you tell I felt like crap?!  Ummm..yes.  Anyways, so I shot part 1 of my Spring/ Summer 2012 look book on Sunday.  Although I was sick, I still had a good time with the girls.  There's something about hanging out with women of all ages, on a project, under pressure and jokes all around.  Couldn't have done it without them.  And if your wondering why I'm doing Alyssa's make-up up top, it's because I am the "jack of all trades, master of a few".  Yes, I was designer, make-up artist, hair stylist and photographer.  I know your wondering why I do it all? That's because, honey.... I can't pay for it all.  So I take the skills I've got and run with them.  Here are the behind the scenes and sneak peek at my S/S 2012 look book.

This lovely make-up case was gifted to me from SOHO Beauty. It totally fit all my make-up and accessories perfectly.

(pics from the day before)

The sweetest gals.

Good times!

Spring/ Summer 2012 Look Book Preview
How hot are those heels?  Well, they could be yours!  These lovely heels will go to one lucky size 8 gal who enters the "Sole Society Giveaway", which starts Christmas day.  So be on the look out for my post "My Sole Mate"

Till the next post, Darlins!  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bell of the Ball, Snow Ball that is!

This past Sunday was Two Point Oh LA's annual Snow Ball in West Hollywood at the chic Palihouse.  I was totally excited about going and making myself something extra sparkly to wear for that evening.  Sadly as the day approached, business came first and I ran out of time to make my dress.  Just like Cinderella, only I had no mice to finish my dress for me.  And the fairy godmother?  Her name was Hot Topic.  Crazy right?  I know, who would have thought I'd find something to wear to a fashion bloggers ball at a store that carries.....well, you'll just have to check them out.

The day finally came and started out with a morning of gifts and pampering.  Once again, lucky me got to choose one of these lovely shoes to keep for FREE from Sole Society!  AND guess what, I'll be giving one of these amazing heels away next month! Whoohoo!

I choose these lovely grey heels.

Got my nails done.

Hair was also getting done, courtesy of EDIA.

The styling suite as had make-up artist and spray tans by Chocolate Sun.

And then the night started, it was time for the ball and I...wasn't feeling like the bell of the ball at all.  You know that feeling when you truly don't like what your wearing and it makes the rest of the night so blah.  Well it "blah-ed" so much, that I called it a night early. Lamo.  Here are the highlights of the night.

Aren't we fancy?

More gifts? Why, yes.

Look out for my upcoming post on all the fun beauty products I received.

Can't wait to receive my gifted make-up box courtesy of SOHO.

These mini cheese cakes from Pacific Cheesecake Company, were sooo yummy.  Especially the lemon basil flavor.

With Kelsi from founder of TPOLA and Dedicated Follower of Fashion

With Melissa from The Key to Chic

With Sheryl from Walking in Wonderland (pic via Walking in Wonderland)

Love this out of focus photo.

The evening was totally fabulous with amazing fashion all around, it's just to bad I was a complete party pooper.

Up this week for me is part one of my Spring/ Summer 2012 photo shoot.  I'll be posting on that next week plus the Look Book Shop details and my first GIVE AWAY, shoes!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interviewing the Dreamer - the Party Planner

So at my last trunk show I decided to add a little sweetness to the day and invited this wonderful company to sponsor my event.  It turned out fabulous!  I would love for you to meet my latest dreamers party planners, Nadia Perez and Valeria P. Raban from Let Us Decorate .

When did you start your company?
We started the company back in 2000.

What do you guys do?
My sister Valeria and I are event Planners. We make dream parties come true... at any price.

How did you come up with the name?
One day I decided our company name should have what we love to do in the title and so thus, come the name Let Us Decorate.

Nadia Perez and Valeria P. Raban

How did you get into this industry?
We have been planning birthday parties for each other since we were young. While planning an event one day we decided, why not have our own company. Since then we have been doing what we love to do. Which is supply the customer the best of the best for they're special events.

What type of parties do you do?
Anything your heart desires, we can plan it out and make it happen.

What was your first party like?As I mentioned before, we have been planning each others party's for years. As a company our first party was a Halloween theme event.

What inspires you?
Inspiration comes from within, we've been very blessed to be creative individuals. We have an imagination that goes as far as the sky. We get inspiration from our daily lives.

What motivates you?
We are each others inspirations.  If I see my sister involved and working extremely hard on a project, it motivates me to do the same.

What do you love the most about being a Party Planner?
The thing we love the most about event planning is the satisfaction we get from the smile on our client face. ♥

Melissa Velia Trunk Show

Paris theme bridal shower

What’s the hardest thing about doing what you do?
Definitely the hardest part about doing what we do is that we are perfectionist!  We want everything to be perfect for the client.

What’s your favorite candy/ treat?
My favorite candy is chocolate and my sister Valeria's is anything Gummy!

Which flower is your favorite to use?
My favorite flower to work with is Hydrangea and Gerbers.  My sisters favorite is peonies and cabbage roses.

What are your favorite color combinations?
We love all colors! We like the clean sharp look which is lots of white. Another of our faves is vintage looks. Like off white, pink and lime greens. There is amazing colors to combine. You can provide us with any color and we can make it look amazing.

What celeb would you like to plan a party for and what type of party would it be?
The celebrity I would love to plan an event for would be.... P Diddy (Sean Puffy combs) (laugh). He has great style and taste.

Sweet bar

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
We hope our company can grow and build itself on our work.

In your wildest dreams, where would you like your company to go?
We would love our company to take off.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Shopping In The Dark

Hello Lovelies,

So this past Sunday I had a trunk show in San Marino, CA.  A beautiful neighborhood filled with old mansions and tons of trees.  I had this trunk show booked for about a mouth prior to the event, little did I know what was to come.

The Saturday morning before the event,  I got the call I dreaded after watching the news of the days prior.  The trunk show was going to be canceled due to the massive power outage in the city due to high winds.  I was so bummed because I was really excited about launching the look book shop and doing this trunk show which was a fundraiser for a high school cheer team.  But, the host and I decided that we would use the little daylight we had to continue with the show.  And so we did,

The Look Book Shop, coming this Spring to ! Details coming later this week!

 This sweet bar was courtesy of Let Us Decorate.  It was not only yummy but beautiful.

How cute is my cup sleeve, courtesy of Starbucks!

This house was A-MA-ZING.

So the afternoon went on and our guest continued to shop. began to get dark.  I honestly thought everyone would stop in their tracks and start heading home....I totally under estimated ladies and their shopping.

I now know, a woman WOULD shop in the dark!

Big thank you to our host, the cheer team, my assistants and Let Us Decorate.