Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The show must go on...

So last weekend I had to do something I never thought I had to do in business and that was, perform after the passing of a loved one.  Less then a day after losing my grandmother I had to proceed with a scheduled trunk show for my boutique in West L.A.  I had been planning this event with it's host for months and it was only right that I conducted business as usual.  Lessons in business;  Don't ever show your emotions on the job, unless it is to much that you must go home.  From experience, I've learned that most supervisors and co-workers will be sympathetic but the others will use that as a mark of your professionalism.  Business is business.

My favorite piece in the store.

Had so much sushi, I'm surprised I didn't turn into a fish!

The Cuff necklace, was a hit.

All around a good show, much thanks to these lovely people; Sa-Cara, Rosie Barreda, Christina Martinez and Windy Zamora.

Next week, I have something big to share and I'm going to do it on video.  Hope you guys check back and see what life changing decison I've made once again.


Monday, July 25, 2011

In Loving Memory, Ms. 50's

My Grandmother
Last Friday, my family and I lost my grandmother to brain cancer.  Although I am at peace that she is no longer suffering, I will be missing her.  As the days come closer to laying her to rest, more and more wonderful pictures of her surface among my family.  My grandmother grew up in one of my favorite era's in fashion, the 1950's.  My grandmother, was a fashionista.  She always encouraged me to carry myself like a lady, take care of my skin and even, to watch my weight.  She was a woman, who loved being a woman.  "Love you, grandma"

My Grandma and Grandpa

Maria Yolanda Holden 12/27/36 - 7/22/11
"He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters."
Psalms 23:2


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fashion, Sun & Goodies

So this past Saturday was the Two Point Oh! LA 2nd annual picnic and it was fabulous.  Not only was the southern California sun shinning especially for us but the over all event was great.  Although it was a two hour drive for me from my place in the country (it's country to me, city girl), it was well worth getting to meeting all those talented bloggers.  Much thanks goes out to the gal who put this all together Kelsi, Two Point Oh! LA President and Editor/ Founder of  Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

Kelsi and I

Finding something to wear to this event was as easy for me as looking in my studio.  This M.Velia top was a hit with many of my fellow bloggers at the picnic.  Making my day just a bit brighter.

When I arrived at the picnic I had the scare of a life time.....ok it was not that scary.  I was just stumbling along from the parking lot to the park when a  gofer popped out like one of those kid smash'em games. Yeah, I screamed and almost broke my ankle jogging it.  Only fashionistas wear wedges to a park. (no, not really)
Anyways after my encounter with that ferocious beast, (a bit much?) I entered the picnic area and found...well let me just show you all the highlights from the event.

These were...yum.  What were they? Some kind of cake bar.

No, I didn't try everything!

The sandwiches, were ok.  The chicken pea one, was pretty good.

Took a shot of their cleansing drink. It didn't taste bad but I'm gonna have to tell you what happen after on another post.

Craft or should I say D.I.Y time was cute.  My creative juices weren't really flowing, so I just signed my name with a red marker.

The gifting tent was pretty cool.  Got some nice little things.

This make-up line I had never heard of, probably because I never shop at Ulta, but I did receive a little something from them, that I plan on trying out and blogging all about it.

This line I had not heard of either but I was very fascinated by it.  I'm really looking forward to trying out the samples they gave and of course sharing all about it here.

Meet the lovely,  Tiara from The Dope Girl

Meet the fabulous Kristen, from Glitter N Glue

I loved her vintage handbag.

Last but not least, what's an event without a photo booth.  This photo booth was courtesy of Model Wire Network.  Not very good at photoboothing.

There were many other lovely dressed ladies that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of but had the pleasure of meeting.  Truly nice meeting Jamie from Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis , Laurie from Laurie B Style , Arden from Arden Ash , Penelope from Penelope's Vintage and other great bloggers, including a gentleman who's card is a must see. (next post)

The rest of this week for me is filled with a blog interview for my line, prepping for a huge Trunk Show this Saturday in West Los Angeles, getting back to some PR companies interested in placing my line and last shooting more of the Summer collection for the website.

Have a fab week Loves! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picnic With The Fashionable

You know that saying "Happy Hump Day" for Wednesdays? Yay, not a fan of it.  It just sounds weird to me. is "Wednesday" and I have yet to stop and just space out for a bit.  This past weekend was back to back family parties, then Monday I had a school meeting for my son's school.  In which, I kind of feel bad for my son because I am the biggest school nerd.  I can't wait to teach him (home schooling) everything! (wide-eyed)  How amazing is it, that we were created to learn and absorb information.  Knowledge is power baby!

Anyways, the rest of my week is filled with organizing my son's school schedule, ordering more inventory for the store, photo shoot for the website, school play date and last but not least, a picnic with the fashionable.

This weekend is Two Point Oh LA 's 2nd Annual Picnic. I'm really looking forward to this event because I'll finally get to meet all the wonderful fellow blogger members, plus Two Point Oh LA's fearless leader Kelsi Smith from Dedicated Follower of Fashion. If you're a fashion blogger from Los Angeles and would like to attend or even maybe become a member email Kelsi at .

One more thing, just wanted to give a huge thank you to ALL the members for voting for me, following and all the wonderful comments!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Good, The Bad

Hello loves,

Have I been M.I.A again?  I know, what can I say, duty calls. Running a boutique, owning two clothing labels, being a mother of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend...are you getting the picture here?  I can finally acknowledge to myself that my plate is way to full.  After months of feeling a little tug on my heart, that it might be time to take a big break from my career, I came to a conclusion.  It wasn't easy to make this decision and the Lord only knows if I will stick to it.  It's funny because as much as I tried to fight what I felt in my gut, God made it very clear to me.  So with a peace beyond understanding, I will be taking the Spring 2012 season off.  My Fall 2011 collection is scheduled to launch later this year, it will then be followed by my Fall 2012 collection in March of next year.  Meanwhile, I will be focusing on a new chapter in my personal life, and maybe....just's time to start writing that little book of mine.  Never the less.....the blog must go on!  So I hope you continue to check back here and share with me in my journey.

So here at last are the highlights of the launch party.  What can I say, that day started out banging and ended with a huge thump.  In business, you'll always have the good and the bad.  Here are my favorite photos from the night.

Fashion Blogger Aimee and I

Designer Marialia and I

Model Christa and I

Family love

Thank you to all who came out that night. It really meant so much to me, it will not go forgotten.