Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tyra Banks, really?

Hello Darlins,
So I recently did an interview with this fabulous fashion blogger Toni May from Fashion Loving.  In the post she wrote, "Melissa had her designs worn by big celebrities like Tyra Banks, Hilary Duff, Faith Evans and Kimora Lee Simmons!"  A statement which I also mention in my bio, here and there.  Anyways I wanted to share my story behind this statement and a little lesson learned through it all.

Did Tyra Banks, really wear something that I designed? Yes! Was it my own label? No.  When I was in my early twenties I was hired as an Assistant Designer at an up and coming clothing line (the name that I will not mention, for legal reasons). Anyways, the position started off pretty basic, with preparing line sheets, over looking samples, etc. Then, with-in a month or two into the position, things began to change.  I was still preforming my normal duties but now I was also designing, fabric souring, merchandising, styling, over looking it all basically.  All the Owner/ Head designer would really do was approve my work.  Yet, it was her company name on the label, not mine. Which, in most cases is understandable in this business (but for the record, all my mine alone. NO ONE else designs my work).  Needless to say, I am truly grateful for the opportunity she gave me to run the show.

In the end, after a year with this company I was laid off because they couldn't afford me anymore and hired my intern to take my place. Wrong, yes!  So instead taking legal action, I decided to take this as a lesson learned and TAKE CREDIT for my work.  So here are a couple of pictures of my work for this company, that I managed to save or get a hold of.  Lesson to be learned; don't get taken advantage of and don't take advantage of others.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great.

Busy week ahead for me, hope you are have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello Darlins,

Miss me? Ya, well I don't blame you.  I've been M.I.A. (missing in action) for the past weeks due to big events coming up in my world.  Please forgive me for not posting on a weekly bases. I guess in all honesty, I get a bit discouraged with my blog because I see all of you reading it, yet no one ever posts a comment or anything. Then, I begin to ask myself if anyone even cares what's going on in my world?  Never the less, I will continue to share my trials, my triumphs and my weired days right here on my blog. I hope you continue to follow.
So what's got me so crazy lately....the new summer collections, a photo shoot for that collection, a trunk show and this....

Hope to see some of you there, it'd be great to finally meet some of my readers.  Anyways, stay tuned the next couple of week because I will doing NEW Interviewing the Dreamer posts. Great people, you just got to read about! Till then....xoxoxo

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Direction

New Summer Collection for M.Velia

Good day darlins! So once again I've gone M.I.A. on my blog but please bare with me, for I've been one busy lady lately.  And to all of my readers all around the world......thank you for always coming back to share my journey in fashion. Love you!

So, what's with my "new career/business path" , "new goal and new direction for my company"? Well after much thought and consideration, I decided to split my clothing line into different labels.  I really wanted to put more definition into each line, to not only insure proper branding but also direction.  I came upon this when I was cleaning out my mountain of fabrics and realized I had amazing fabrics that ranged from $7.00 a yard, to $50.00 a yard. I thought it'd be lovely to use every scrap of those expensive fabrics and combine them with the more affordable ones. Therefore giving me, M.Velia, my new ready-to-wear line that is affordable but still upholds the art of couture.  Sound familiar? Why yes! I wanted to carrying on with the same feel from my previous label but at a better price point.

So what's to be of my self-named label, Melissa Velia ?  Well, Melissa Velia will now be my designer label. It will be a high-end attire collection for those fabulous social events.

And last, I will have my couture gown collection, Haus of Graciano.  I know it all sounds  a bit confusing right now and I seem to be all over the place but in truth this is one of the biggest foundation in my career and my company to date.  I am really excited about launching M.Velia and Melissa Velia's Summer collections, this June. So stay tuned darlins! And thank you for all of your support!