Monday, December 16, 2013

TPOLA Snowball 2013

If your wondering what is going on in that blurred picture above, I'll explain in a minute but first this is how the night started.

For this years Two Point Oh LA Snowball party, I decided to design something comfortable and warm. So I created this royal blue sweater knit maxi dress and it was totally comfy, warm and stylish. I paired up the dress with of course my favorite statement necklace of the season, the "Gatsby Jewels Necklace". Then added my black "Slender Bow Belt", some black velvet stilettos and I was ready for the ball.

My date for the night was my sister. (here she is above in a sequins black mini dress from my Fall 2013 collection)  The party took place in a lovely old hall that totally took you back in time. The hall was decked out in Christmas cheer and yummy sweets.

One of the highlights of the night was  definitely "Elvis" aka "Danny Memphis and the Extraordinaries" Love Elvis!

The band seriously nailed it. Totally need to have a birthday party so they can play  at. Well anyways, now for that picture at the very top of the's me hitting a piñata in a dress and stilettos!  Usually at Snowball, we have what we call a "gifting suite" where we the "Fashion Bloggers" recieve lovely gifts to write about and share. Well this year we had to work for it (lol). All the lovely gifts were in five Christmas piñatas. Oh what a gal will do for some awesome make-up and face creams. 

The night was fun and full of surprises, big thank you to TPOLA founder, Kelsi for another great Snowball!

One last note, if you'd love to WIN one of the lovely items I received at Snowball head over to my Instagram, link at the very top! Or click the picture below! 

Xo Lovelies!

Monday, December 9, 2013

On the mend

Well hello Lovelies!  It's been quite the busy past couple of weeks for me. I can't believe Christmas is around the corner! I'm so glad I finished my Christmas shopping in October. (Lol)  As you can tell, I am not a procrastinator.  If I don't get to something it's because I'm dead or I already have 500 things going on.

With that said, I've finally started working on new pieces. My new business plan is one I've come to terms with after taking the past 6 months off.  Unlike some of my dear friends whom are clothing designers, I have two little boys and a husband. Therefore, devoting my life to my brand is really not an option for me.  You know that saying, "you can't have your cake and eat it too?" (Umm..wait, that just didn't make any sense to me) Anyways you get the point of that saying, well I'm here to tell you, you can! In other words you may not be able to eat your cake right at that moment you want to but you can lick the frosting while you wait for that moment to come. Is this making any sense at all?!  Well I've said it once and I'll say it again, my family comes before my career. I will be "licking the frosting" until my time comes.  I wouldn't want to miss a moment of raising my sons.

So come Spring 2014, I will be releasing one of a kind pieces in different sizes, colors, fabrics and textures. Not a collection but more of my creativity gone wild. Which in all honesty, I feel collections sometimes limit my creativity all together. I've put aside any plans to wholesale at this time, therefore price points will be low for designer originals. So God Willing, this Spring I'll be hosting pop up shops all around town with all the new stuff. I'll be posting previews till then on Instagram. 

Hope your week is inspirational, Lovelies!