Monday, July 23, 2012

The NEW Accessory? Part 2 of 3 - Sunglasses

Chloe Sunglasses, gifted by

Yes Darlins, Sunglasses are NOW an accessory.  They are no longer just a means to protect your eyes but a piece of fashion to add style to any outfit. The days of owning one pair of your favorite sunglasses are over and if you find yourself wearing big 70's inspired squared frame sunglasses with your office wear, you might want to check your style (that is, if style matters to you).  I know it matters to me, that is why for sometime now I've been building my "shades" collection.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't own tons of designer sunglasses.  My collection varies in quality and price,  from $10.00 shades to fancy designer sunglasses.  I think if there's a style you wear the most, then splurge on those.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Kate Endress, Co founder of DITTO (a new online website selling designer eye wear).  She too agrees that eye wear has become a really big trend in accessories.  DITTO, makes shopping for sunglasses easy and fun. Unlike other website, DITTO lets you create a 3D virtual self from video footage to actual try on eye wear.  You can even share your virtual self for opinions or show and tell. As much as I wanted to try out this feature on DITTO, my web cam is down and I don't have a fancy phone (iphone, etc.).  Never the less, I loved their selection.

Love their packaging.

Here are my style match ups and tips on how to accessories your own outfits with sunglasses.


Melissa Velia Look Book SS12

 3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim

Tips - Accessorizing Sunglasses

- As much as a pair of glass would look great with your outfit, the shape of your face and the size of your head does play a role in picking the right pair for yourself.  Therefore be sure to try them on or "virtual self" on  Don't make the mistake of getting glasses that are way to big for your head, etc.
- A pair of colored sunglasses are always fun to own.  It's easy to add a pop of color to most outfits, like look number three above.
- Go with an era.  If your outfit is 70's inspired like look number one above, then match it with 70's inspired sunglasses.
- Don't be afraid of print sunglasses.  Sometimes a great print goes fabulous with a solid colored outfit, adding just the right drama to your look.
- Sunglasses are great in the Fall/ Winter too!  Just because it may rain and snow during these seasons, doesn't mean you won't need some eye protection.
- A pair of metal tone sunglasses are a must have in your collection. Whether it's a gold tone, silver or rust, metal looks great with most looks as long as you add other accessories in the same metal to go with your outfit.

Hope this was all helpful.  Stay tuned for my last post on the "The NEW Accessory?" series, plus you'll get to check out my new hair cut.  Let's just say, my bun days are over!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

The NEW Accessory? Part 1 of 3 - Watches

So I know watches aren't really a "new" accessory but I do feel like they are becoming more and more popular when comes to fashion.  I've met ladies that have worn watches that don't even work anymore but love how they look with their outfits.  I personally have disliked wearing watches in the past, until recently when I received a lovely animal print watch from GUESS watches (featured above).

Packaging is big for me.  You can package a gumball machine ring in a bag like that, I'd probably buy it for more then it's worth.

So here are a couple of looks I have match up with some fun, trendy GUESS watches and looks for my SS12 collection.

 Tips - Accessorizing Watches

-It's ok to add bracelets and bangles to the same wrist. Sometimes an outfit calls for drama. Like look number one above.
-When wearing a watch that is dramatic or has a lot going on, like watch number two above, less is more.  Keep it a statement piece.
-It's ok to wear more then one watch on the same wrist when the watch is thin like the Wrap Watches above.
-It's ok to wear men's watches.  Sometimes you may have to get them taken in a bit but chunky metal is always fun when adding drama to an outfit.
-One watch does NOT go with everything.  Just because it's a basic silver watch doesn't mean it will work with all your outfits.
-Own at least 4 watches; one for your casual days, one for special occasions, one for work and one with lots of drama!

So next time your asked for the time, hopefully you won't be reaching for your cell phone but instead showing off your stylish watch and sense of fashion.


AND the WINNER is.....




Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fashion in the Park - PLUS a giveway!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending for the second time, Two Point Oh LA's 3rd annual picnic at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.  An event where some of L.A. most fashionable bloggers come to be.....fashionable!  Not only was the weather simply perfect but the entire event was just fabulous.  As soon as I walked into the picnic area, I could totally feel the "royal" theme of the event.  Tents and tables where set up creatively, so much so that I felt like I was in Wonderland.

The event was sponsored by, Guess Watches, Sole Society, Hairroin and other fashionable companies.  Hello, gifting!

The Michael Stars tank I received was so soft and light weight, it was perfect to add to my work-out gear.

  DITTO an online glasses shop was also gifting amazing glasses. They were also sharing a new way to shop for eye glasses online.  I will soon be sharing with you which pair I chose in my upcoming mini blog series "The NEW Accessory?"
GUESS watches have come a long way from when I worked in their retail store about 10 years ago.  So many trendy watches to choose from and I received.....well you'll just have to check my upcoming post!

I have always loved GUESS ads.  Always so vintage inspired.

Once again Sole Society joined us for a little show and tell.  It was so hard to choose which of these pairs had my name on them. It just so happened that two of these pairs did. I chose the blue suede pumps you see above and am going to order the tan suede wedges you see below.  I can't wait to match them up with some of my current and upcoming pieces from my line.

 Erica from Sweets and Hearts was getting her hair braided by Hairroin Salon.  I also caught the lovely, Anne from Spy Girl taking a picture.

My favorite part of the whole event was seeing all the darling ladies and guys in their stylish clothes.  Also, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Erica and I (my dress by yours truly)

Pic via Hallie Daily

Big thank you to Kelsi Smith


NOW here's your chance to win your own gift from GUESS!  Simply leave a comment below regarding this post.  Your name will then be put into a drawing.  Then check back on my following post to find out if you won!  It's so easy!

*win a black faux leather wallet/ wristlet from GUESS.  Only one winner.  Gift sponsored by GUESS.  Gift will be shipped to the winner via USPS.  You must send a picture of you and your gift when you receive it, so I may post it here.  Thank you for entering.  Drawing ends 7/18/12 12:00pm

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where I've Been

 Family vacation (in my mommy wear)

 So I know I haven't posted a thing in about a month.  I feel like this is the longest I've ever gone without posting anything since I've started blogging.  Where have I been? At a pity party. No, I didn't mean Diddy because we all know he can throw a party.  I meant pity, as in poor me this is too tough, I don't know what to do anymore, etc.  I've been on a roller coaster of emotions this past month regarding my business, my passion and my family.

After a month of wondering how to go forward, I finally came to a happy place last week in my journey.  It was during family vacation, that I decided to officially skip a Fall 2012 collection and only go forth with my Spring 2013 collection.  Not only will I be working on a spring collection but I will also be creating some gowns and a wedding dress.  Never the less, for you wonderful customers of mine I will be throwing in some fall piece (ready to wear) here and there.  All this came about, when I realized my youngest son would be entering school this fall. I just had to give him and my other son, my full attention. (considering I home school them).

With all that shared, here are couple interesting things I've been up to since my last post.

Miss California Natalie Pack

Last month I sent some of my pieces to Natalie Pack for her trip to Vegas for the Miss USA 2012 pageant. Big thank you to Natalie Pack and Steffani Symons for the picture above.  Also on the DL (down -low), I tried out for NBC's Fashion Star.  As of right now, I am still in the running to be casted for their upcoming season. I will know if I have been chosen with-in a few weeks.  I really don't like sharing these kind of things with to many people because I guess.....I feel kinda dumb when I'm not chosen.  Out of all the shows I've auditioned for, I really want this one.  Lord knows.  So I'm sharing this news with you my lovely readers because for some reason, you read my post and comment. Which always makes me feel like I'm just writing to good friends on every post.  Thank you.

Well, on to the next Darlins! I WILL be posting next week on any news details from my world, plus a little how-to.

P.s.  Huge Summer Sale going on at