Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Ship Of Many Dreams

So if you didn't know, I am a poet. A published poet.  I've been writing poetry since I was 12 years old.  Unfortunately, in the past couple of years I stopped writing from lack of inspiration.  With that said, I wanted to share with you a poem I wrote in 1998 that is very dear to me. One of my favorites.

(copyrights 1998-2012 Melissa Velia/ Melissa Holden)

The Ship

Oh look there she goes,
Out to sea filled with many souls.
Everyone cheered and wished her the best,
For she was beautiful, nothing like the rest.
As she slowly sailed out to sea,
Who would have known misfortune was soon to be.
Everyone was amazed at her beauty within,
For she was built with the hands of many men.
Everything was perfect, so it seemed.
She was truly the ship of many dreams.
And so she sailed through the cold ocean air,
Till one night she came across something far to great to bare.
A hill of ice, had ended her journey right then and there.
A moment of fright that everyone shared.
Then as the minutes dragged on,
Her designer realized she wouldn't stay afloat long.
The poor graceful ship was stinking to her grave,
Her captain going with her, so strong, so brave.
By now the panic and cries had set in,
For some would never see another day again.
Yet through all the madness, on one of her decks, sweet music could be heard.
Music of hope and soaring birds.
Then just before she was completely under,
Came a loud crash, a sound of thunder.
She, the ship had lost her rear,
Then more and more people grew with fright and fear.
At last after the great mass horror and disbelief.
At 2:20, the ship had gone completely underneath.
Farewell, farewell.

So I know this had nothing to do with fashion but this moment in history was so heartbreaking to me, that I was moved to write about it.  Hope you enjoyed it and share it with others as we remember the lives lost on the Titanic.

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