Friday, November 15, 2013

Where Was I?

If you follow me on Instagram (melissavelia), you might be wondering where I was today.  I was actually on a field trip with my sons in the mountains of  Oak Glen, CA at a lovely colonial farm named, Riley's Apple Farm.

Reliving colonial times and the Revolutionary War was totally worth the drive and the freezing cold weather.  Yes, this little Cali girl was dying in the forty degrees temps. Even in my skinny jeans, black knee high boots, silk blouse and thick black coat, I was cold!

I was totally playing off how cold I was in this pic. Ha! Anyways, this place really takes you back in time to a place that history books give no justice too.  The clothes, the tools, the weapons, the language, the food!

Yes, that's fresh (home style) chicken pot pie, with roasted garlic green beans and fresh chunky applesauce. That amazing house at the top of the post, has a fabulous little tavern (restaurant) inside were they serve this delish meal and the most amazing apple pie you'll ever have.

I highly recommend you check this place out. They have all kinds of special events, like murder mystery night in the tavern.  Definitely coming back next season.

Well, hope you Lovelies have a fab Friday night. I'll be here in my pjs and sketch book. I'll leave you with this one last note, story of my life....

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