Monday, November 28, 2011


Miss me? I know right, not so much. (Ha!)  Once again my schedule has taken priority in my life. I've been a busy little bee.  Hmmm...I'd say more like a busy bumble bee after this Thanksgiving.  My holiday started out wonderful and ended with a slap in the face.  Not in a physical form but in an emotional form.  Never the less, some good is definitely upon me.

I strongly believe any garment can be dressed-up or down, for that's the beauty of style.

I wore the first outfit to a meeting yesterday for a model casting for my upcoming photo shoot next month.  I am so excited about the collection and the theme of the shoot.  It will be a bitter sweet shoot for me this time, for I will be missing someone very dear to me.  But, the show must gone on and so must business.  Also new in my world,

-pending wholesale orders
-a huge fashion blogger in Brazil was told by a reader to check-out my line.  And now, something's in  the works.
-I'll be doing my first blog give-away next month...SHOES!
-I'll be adding the LookBook Shop to my website (details coming soon)
-I'm going on VACATION! Yes, new to me. Ha!

So tons to be thankful for this year, regardless of the disappointments.  More importantly, I am thankful for my God and my family, for whom without...I would not be here today.

Next post, my first trunk show with my line and details on The LookBook Shop!

xoxo, Loves.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ahead of Me

Well it's been a busy month so far, to say the least.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the blogger contest.  I didn't win the contest but I was rewarded with the love of all of you who voted.

So if this month hasn't been busy enough for me, next month is going to be crazy!  From my first Trunk Show with my label, to my Spring/ Summer 2012 photo shoot. Plus, a fabulous blogger party and of course Christmas!  I can't even think about New Year's right now, I think I might just stay home with my little family.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you all a little update from my world.  I know it's not much but between working and being sick, these past couple of days I haven't had much time to sit and chat.  Soon.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do you love me?

Hello Lovelies!

My wonderful, sweet readers.  Am I laying it on thick enough?  Ha! So here's the deal....I entered a sponsored contest with (British online store) and I'd love your vote. Cast your vote and get yourself an invite to the online VIP event where you will get 20% off their site!  Not so bad right? is coming to the states and with that comes a whole lot of style.  Plus, you've got to check out the photo I entered. Click here to vote for me! Thank you! Thank you!

Here are my loves from