Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Good day!  Just another busy week for me in my world.  Deadlines hanging over my head like Bobby Trendy, waiting to give me a style make-over.  Stressed, to say the least.  Anyways, I thought I'd share with you what I'm working on right now, my flats.  No darlins, I did not become a shoe designer overnight, at least not yet (wink). And if I was, flats would be far from my list. 

Line Sheets

Flats or technical drawings, are usually the very first thing store buyers see when looking to purchase inventory for their stores.  The flats are shown on line sheets (shown above), with all the information buyers might need to make their choices.  Flats and line sheets, have come a long way from when I was in college.  Yet, I personally like to hold on to the more traditional works in general.  As much as I would love to show you my current season, Fall 2011. I mustn't.  Instead, I can share with you my inspiration for the collection and show you my flats from the last season.  Thanks for reading loves!

Fall 2011 "Black Swan, meets Tim Burton and Helena" 
(see it all March 12th, 2011 during LAFW in Hollywood, CA)

Flat with details, Spring 2011 - Chiffon Tunic

Spring 2011 - Chiffon Tunic

A simple flat, Spring 2011 - Sequins Tank

Spring 2011 - Sequins Tank


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