Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So this happened...

Ugh, what a night!  So last night as I was walking down my stairs holding a measuring tape and thinking about how my Christmas deco would fit on this one table....I fall. I didn't just slide down, I went up and came crashing down on my lower back mid step.  As I fall I remember thinking three things, "oh God, I hope I didn't break my hubby's measuring tape" "oh not again!" and last, " oh God, I think I just broke my back."

Once I reached the bottom, I crawled my way to the couch. There I realized I could still move my toes, which probably meant I didn't break my back but I was still in so much pain that I just cried out for my sons help. They gave me my phone and I called my mom, my hubby and 911. 

The ambulance came, sirens and all (which honestly was so embarrassing). I was rushed to the nearest hospital and under went x-rays and pain meds. In the end.....I broke a tiny piece of my lower back/ tailbone. The ER doctor said it wasn't to bad, (and I'm thinking, dude my body is broken!!) and that I would have to see a specialist to see if I would need surgery.

For now, I sit here on my couch on drugs, in a lot of pain...blogging my tale.  I feel so dumb that I would fall for the second time within two months down that dumb staircase.

Your prayers are appreciated. 


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