Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cell Phone Blogging

Who needs a laptop when you've got an iPhone?! Ha! I can't believe I'm actually blogging from my cell phone right now. Yes, ladies and gents, I'm back (for the hundredth time) and this time I'm might just be blogging more then ever before, now that I can do it from my cell phone! (I might be a bit late on this) Never the less, I'm so impressed.

So lets get to the where and what from my world. Where have I been? Moving! Did it really take me 6 months to move? Yes! If my fashion world is not completely set up, I just can't get any work done at all. So as of this week, my little fashion world is all set up and ready to.....create! I have big plans for this Spring. Now that I'm back home in LA, I've got a whole new direction in this business adventure. Stay tuned for all the details, Darlins. For now, I just wanted to say Hello and try out this phone blogging thing. I shall be back tomorrow for some more chit-chat!


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