Tuesday, June 7, 2011

White Wedding

So this past Friday I had the privilege of attending a family wedding.  It was a semi-formal event at a family home which was decorated in white linens, garden lanterns, candles and touches of colored flowers.  As soon as I saw the bride's dress, my urge to have a bridal collection grew even more.  Her dress was perfect for her body (considering she was expecting) and appropriate to the evening.  I loved that she wore a faux fur over her dress when she came in, giving it an old Hollywood feel to it.  Over all the bride and groom looked fabulous.  I on the other hand, had no time to make myself something to wear. So, I just went out and bought a blazer to put over my favorite LBD.  Like I always tell people who ask me, "Did you make your outfit?"...TIME IS MONEY.  I never have to time to make myself pieces, for everything I make goes on the sales floor.  Never the less, I hope to find the time to make it all possible.  Anyways, here are a few pictures from the evening, plus a little surprise at the end.

My wedding attire.

The Mr. & Mrs.

And last, my little surprise picture....

Six years ago I married my complete opposite. Sharing only two very big things, our love for God and our love for movies. Cheers, to the bride and groom! May they build their love not only on each other but on the foundation of God's love.

Later this week...another post from my very busy weekend. Stay tuned loves!


  1. I remember when he was a little tykein our ccs days. What a beautiful bride. The pair of you ;) av

  2. Thanks darlin!

  3. You looked wonderful in your outfit Mel. Wish you all the best in your wedding collection. CC

  4. Thank you so much!