Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pressing Forward

Hello Darlins, world has been kinda behind these days. Only now am I getting a chance to share with you the outcome of my fashion show with Project Ethos.  As far as the "other" fashion show I did last week, I'll get to that next week.

Anyways, so  this was my second time doing Project Ethos and all though they are not at the very top of the LAFW fashion show totem pole, the Press was pretty much out and covering the event.  The first time I did this event, the press was pretty nice about my work. This time around however....I got my first bad review. It wasn't that bad, it was somewhere along the lines of "nothing to write home about".  Never the less, I really took it to heart. I always thought that bad press would be something I could just shrug off but it turns out, it can really put those little thoughts of doubt in your head.  Yet after days of sulking, I am finally ready to just press forward.  This was a life lesson in itself and in business. You can't win them all darlins!

The GOOD press!

Thank you to all of you for the wonderful reviews and photos.  And if I'm missing someone, please post it on my wall on .

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