Monday, March 7, 2011

First Couture

cou·ture  (k-tr, -tür) n.
1. The business of designing, making, and selling highly fashionable, usually custom-made clothing for women.
2. Dressmakers and fashion designers considered as a group.
3. The high-fashion clothing created by designers.
So I know I'm going blog crazy this week, and to those of you who read all my post....thank you!  So, I just wanted to share with you one of my biggest sewing projects to date, a "couture" gown.  I am one to really challenge myself, so I thought why not end my fashion show with a bang, a gown that would bring my whole collection together.  Little did I know, it was a lot easier to make my Barbie dolls couture gowns then it was to make a full on gown. First of all, the fabric was like $36.00 a yard, therefore if I messed up I wanted to cry. Then all the boning and the hand-sewing of the details took, FOR-EV-ER!  Never the less, it was all worth it once I saw it on the model this past Saturday. She loved, the other models loved it and my assistants loved it.  I couldn't have been more happy with the out come. Which was a good thing because that same day I was told that the dress I have to make for the contest (details this Friday), has to be somewhat formal.  At least I know now, that this is something I can totally do.

Paris here I come.....maybe not tomorrow but haute couture is definitely my new venture.  I leave you with some pictures of my first couture gown from start to.......

Sorry loves, I can't show the finished dress just yet! You'll have to wait till the fashion show this Saturday. If you can't make, the following week I'll be posting all the fabulous details of night.  Till the next post, (which is this Friday) xoxox!

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