Thursday, June 9, 2011

I shall not milk a cow!

How's everyone's week going so far? As for mine, not so great. I got an email yesterday from this little website that my clothing line was on, stating that they would not have my line on their site anymore because I didn't ship an order, I never received. Or should I say, received with a foreign name that stated "Order ####". I mean come on, how many of us get those spam/virus emails? I get those all the time. So I never opened it. This company should have stated their company name, really. Anyways, this actually was for the best because my website is almost up and I wasn't really a fan of how this website functioned.  Lesson learned.  With that said, if any of you were the customer who never received their order.  I send you my biggest apologizes and request you email me for a special gift.

Moving on, this past weekend I visited a cow and horse farm with my family for a little family time.  I am NOT an outdoor person, therefore this was a bit of a challenge for me. I would never like to milk a cow or ride a horse BUT I would do it for my boys.  Anyways, all in all it was a great trip and I discovered what a great place a farm would be for a photo shoot. Can you tell I always have work on my mind! So here are a few of my pics from the day.

I was never really a horse lover as a little girl but I must say, this horse was beautiful.

Can you tell it was a girl horse?

Cows smell and have a lot of flies around then. So don't ever call someone a cow!

Totally needed some cowboy boots.

Next week, all the details from the photo shoot, plus interviews! Have a fabulous weekend darlins!


  1. alexandra gonzalezJune 9, 2011 at 10:08 AM

    You can do a photoshoot at my place anytime.

  2. That would be awesome, thank you! I'll keep that in mind.

  3. Nice camera! Av

  4. Really? Thanks, its really nothing special.