Friday, March 11, 2011

I Contest !

In the poster, my summer 2010 collection

So this is it darlins! What I've been mentioning all week, the Vitamin Water Contest.  Wow, it was something else to make this happen.  First, I had to get the funds from the company (because they paid for this gown to be made), which was only last Saturday.  Then, I had to rush my butt to my local fabric store, which unfortunately for something like this was a Joann Store. Then without a design idea in my head, I bought fabrics, trims and all the details.  I just kept in mind the color, yellow and the name Squeeze.

When I got home it was all madness, then two days later....I was done!  Check it out...

Once again darlins, I can't show you the whole gown just yet. It's part of the rules to the contest but you can bet, that I will be tweeting the dress Saturday night, along with the number to text to vote for me!

If you vote for me, I love you forever! (lol) Really I worked so hard on this dress in such little time, I felt like I was on Project Runway. So if your not on my twitter, here's the link and if I got your number, you better believe your getting a text from me about 10:20pm Saturday night.  If your coming out to the event, thank you and I look forward to seeing you!

Wish me luck loves and I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow!

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