Thursday, November 18, 2010

Celebrating at Rockwell

So this past weekend I celebrated my sister's birthday at this fabulous bar, Rockwell in Los Feliz, CA

Before heading out that night, I had realized I hadn't packed the right things to wear for a night out at a trendy bar.  It had been a last minute trip to my sisters, that caused me to pack items that left me unhappy with the outcomes.

So began my search for something to wear at local shops and department stores.  To my surprise, the stores were only carrying Fall trend items. Lace, sweaters, velvets, satins, browns, tans and other "in style" pieces.  I was soon reminded why I became a clothing designer.  So I took to the sale racks and sure enough the selection I was looking for, I found.

DRESS, Tucker for Target. SHOES, Jessica Simpson suede lace-ups. ACCESSORIES, Chu-La Couture

And so the evening went on. My highlights.

It was sweet of one of the managers, Rafael to give us all a free round of shots.  I can't remember the name of the shot but they were strong and sweet. Hmmmm....

The bottle service here was also great.

Yes, the double ring she's wearing is from Chu-La Couture. Love it!

Fell in love with this dress worn by my sister's bestie.  The red and black colors really made this dress stand out.  Not to mention the shoulder pads, love'em.


We celebrated and danced the night away to some classic hip-hop, r&b and 90's.  Over all the night was fabulous, the venue was a "must-visit" and my sister....well lets just say she left very happy (wink).

the Rockwell on Saturday nights
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