Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turning 30

So I'm officially 30 and officially going through a mid-life crisis! Ok maybe that's a bit much but to tell you the truth, something very profound has come over me.  As if I'm seeing my current life in a whole new light, ground breaking almost.  Has that ever happen to you?  Anyways, over all my birthday was great. I really want to thank everyone who made it even more special for me. Love you all tons!

Here are the highlights...

My birthday cake from my mom, it's a Rosca fruit cake!

My shoe fund piggy bank, also from my mom. Love her.

Gifts and cards. Thank you Cheryl, Danette and Maribel!

Then it was off to the Rockwell VT, to celebrate.

My outfit for the night. Loving the mid-waist ruffle detail....

And the print was pretty cute too.

My favorite part of my outfit (as always)....my 4" black, ruffle, velvet stilettos.

Benefit of having a sister who's a stylist; styling you for her own birthday party.  Best part of her outfit, her leather thigh high boots (not shown here).

Opposites attract.

My date for the night. My hubby.

I could eat a trunk load of this, salt and pepper calamari with cucumber..mmmm

Some Moet to toast!

Cheers to me! Can you guess which hand is mine?

So here's to a new chapter in my life....the road to wisdom. Bummed that I had other pictures with friends that didn't come out right.  Anyways, this week I'll be putting together a little slide show of my 30 years of fashion to post here, so stay tuned darlins.  Till we read again, xoxox

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