Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Matter Of Taste

One of the reason I love fashion so much is because I see it as an art form and I just love art.  I thought I'd share this must-have wall calender with all you fashion lovers, art lovers and even you cooking enthusiast.  It was a gift from my mom, that I simply fell in love with.  Note, it does come in color but I just like to black and white everything.  The calender is called, "A Matter of Taste" from Fulvio Bonavia and can be found at Borders book store.

I'm going to try and guess what each item is made of. Guess with me.

These gloves look to be made of ground coffee and coffee beans.

This necklace looks to be made of trail mix.

This sandal looks to be made of an assortment of nuts.

These coin purses look to be made of minced green beans and garlic cloves.

This heel looks to be made of fettuccine pasta and marinara sauce.

And this handbag looks to be made of broccoli.

I plan to frame all these pictures and the rest of them when the years over. Can't wait!

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