Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shipping Gifts

The I love Lucy show has always been one of my absolute favorite shows of all time.  Her comedic timing and her shopping addiction in the 1950's era, quickly became my addiction.  It was watching this show that inspired me to ship Chu-La Couture's orders in a particular fashion.  I loved how Lucy would receive her coats, dresses and hats in "gift wrapped" packaging. In the 1950's, it was a stable of fine retailers to ship customer's orders in this particular manner. I mean come on, how awesome is it to unwrap a gift to yourself when it's not your birthday or holiday.  Although it's a tiny bit more in work and cost, it's worth it to me to ship my clients the little gift of receiving.  Therefore also, branding Chu-La Couture with it's special packaging. 

Besides sending out orders this week, my plate is completely full.  I must update our website, make my dress for my birthday party, complete my first D.I.Y. Fashion project, shoot Melissa Velia's 2011 Spring collection and last but not least I will celebrate my 30th birthday.  At this rate though, I just hope I make it TO my birthday party.  Busy, busy.....but I look forward to sharing with you all the details. Till the next post, darlins!

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