Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Thrill of The Hunt

As a child, did you ever dream about the day you'd own house?  I sure did. Little did I know, there was really no thrill to house hunting.

After 5 years of living from apartment to apartment, with family to friends, my husband and I had finally come to that pinnacle point.  It was time to buy. Only, it was all just bad timing for me. For I had to put together a 15 piece collection, while living out of boxes.  It was really a nightmare, having to move from here to there, work and house hunt all at the same time.  Never the less, God got me through it. It was one of the most stressful times in my life and I was completely blessed.

When I arrived on moving day and saw this sign, I was completely speechless.

Finally I had an office/ studio with the space I needed to continue to create and be inspired.

I soon realized as I looked around my office, how much stuff I really had.  I began saving things for my career since I was a kid.  I knew there were books, magazines and more "junk" that would inspire me some day.

Placing this Mother's Day gift from my sons on my window ledge, quickly made me feel at home.

A drawing of Lucille Ball that would grace my walls, is one of my favorites.  I still simply die laughing every time I watch I Love Lucy.  It never gets old.

As I look back on all of it today, it was all worth the sweat and tears.  I learned that in hard times, we must hold on to the good times. To record those great moments in a note book for when the next time life turns upside down, simply pick up your note book and remember not only the great moments in your life but remember, that this too shall pass and more great moments are to come!



  1. Love your post ;) Enjoy your new home xoxo