Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Changing Hair

Well I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Surprisingly, I didn't eat much, thank God. Never the less, Thanksgiving with my family and friends was all gravy (wink). I will not bore you with those Thanksgiving pictures.

Moving on to the fun stuff....so I was feeling a bit over my hair style and was thinking of doing something...different to it.  Of course one would just run on over to their hair stylist or local salon and let the magic happen.  Well...I have a bit of a phobia and it's not want your probably thinking. I'm just really afraid of someone messing up my hair, as they once had.  So I decided to do it myself.

Starting with color!

I started coloring my hair when I was 15.  My hair has gone from brown to black, to blond to red. Now a days, I keep it simple.  Dark brown in the winter and light brown for the spring and summer.

Love Natural Instincts. It's so good to my hair, leaves it soft and shiny.

With my "dye" tank on, I went to work.  Note to self:  hair dye on skin will stay for a day.

After washing out the dye, I decided to do a little trimming.

Ok, a lot of trimming.

Using my best fabric scissors, I cut most of it off.

After blow drying my 80's hair, I was at the last step of my new look.

This straighter is amazing and affordable. Sally's baby.


Now, I'm regretting cutting my hair. Oh my.

Till next time loves, embrace change and hold on to traditions.

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