Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Runway

"What a night!"
From its highs to lows, to "really your telling me this right now?" Pure craziness and all over emotion.

So here is last of the coverage from the Project Ethos LAFW fashion event.  Beginning with some red carpet highlights.

What an experience it is to pose on a red carpet. My thoughts at this moment could be describe as madness. Really, a thought per second...."hows my hair", "do I look fat", "what did Tyra say about looking thinner when posing", "keep smiling", "why am I standing here" and soooo much more.

And I'm sure my parents were feeling the same way. Don't they look great?  When a parent gives their child unconditional support, they give their child wings.  And that night, I was flying high.

I just had to post these lovely ladies, the Millionaires . How cute are they?  Love their look and red carpet confidence.

Someone else with lots of red carpet confidence was the Host of the evening, Nick Verreos.  Can we say, STYLE!

Next up, the runway highlights.  For this I put together a little video montage with the music that played.  Yes ladies and gents, I put this together using my PC. I am so not a Mac fan.

My favorite picture from the runway.

Backstage highlights.

Over all, it was a great night and I'd totally do it all over again.  In which, I shall come March 2011 for Fall 2011.  Can't wait.

Here are some of the reviews and buzz from the night, featuring my line;  Boho Market, All Indie Magazine, Apparel News, Apparel News Slide Show, Watermoolen, Sweets & Hearts, China Shop, Disarray Magazine, Laist and Audrey

Thank you to all!

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