Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picnic With The Fashionable

You know that saying "Happy Hump Day" for Wednesdays? Yay, not a fan of it.  It just sounds weird to me. is "Wednesday" and I have yet to stop and just space out for a bit.  This past weekend was back to back family parties, then Monday I had a school meeting for my son's school.  In which, I kind of feel bad for my son because I am the biggest school nerd.  I can't wait to teach him (home schooling) everything! (wide-eyed)  How amazing is it, that we were created to learn and absorb information.  Knowledge is power baby!

Anyways, the rest of my week is filled with organizing my son's school schedule, ordering more inventory for the store, photo shoot for the website, school play date and last but not least, a picnic with the fashionable.

This weekend is Two Point Oh LA 's 2nd Annual Picnic. I'm really looking forward to this event because I'll finally get to meet all the wonderful fellow blogger members, plus Two Point Oh LA's fearless leader Kelsi Smith from Dedicated Follower of Fashion. If you're a fashion blogger from Los Angeles and would like to attend or even maybe become a member email Kelsi at .

One more thing, just wanted to give a huge thank you to ALL the members for voting for me, following and all the wonderful comments!


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