Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wiggin' Out!


No, not really (it's a wig).  Although I have always wanted to bleach my hair blonde, I have never had the guts to do it.  Yet, somehow I wasn't to chicken to cut my OWN hair last week!! It turned out to be a nightmare and I was totally freaking out.  It all started when I was watching this movie late at night and totally loved the actress's hair cut in the movie (I won't mention what movie, then you'll totally laugh at me).  So after the movie was over I went straight to the bathroom and cut my hair.  Needless to say, it DID NOT look like Amanda Seyfried's hairdo in the movie.  In fact, she was probably wearing a wig.  I on the other hand, now looked like Dora The Explorer or Anna Wintour, if you want to be nice about it.  In the end I went to get my hair professionally cut and fixed, which I wasn't to happy with either.  I mean the gal did a great job but I was just left thinking..."What have I done?"  So, after a week of playing with my new do I finally came to a happy place. Moral of the story is kids, movies can be a bad influence ;)