Thursday, July 19, 2012

The NEW Accessory? Part 1 of 3 - Watches

So I know watches aren't really a "new" accessory but I do feel like they are becoming more and more popular when comes to fashion.  I've met ladies that have worn watches that don't even work anymore but love how they look with their outfits.  I personally have disliked wearing watches in the past, until recently when I received a lovely animal print watch from GUESS watches (featured above).

Packaging is big for me.  You can package a gumball machine ring in a bag like that, I'd probably buy it for more then it's worth.

So here are a couple of looks I have match up with some fun, trendy GUESS watches and looks for my SS12 collection.

 Tips - Accessorizing Watches

-It's ok to add bracelets and bangles to the same wrist. Sometimes an outfit calls for drama. Like look number one above.
-When wearing a watch that is dramatic or has a lot going on, like watch number two above, less is more.  Keep it a statement piece.
-It's ok to wear more then one watch on the same wrist when the watch is thin like the Wrap Watches above.
-It's ok to wear men's watches.  Sometimes you may have to get them taken in a bit but chunky metal is always fun when adding drama to an outfit.
-One watch does NOT go with everything.  Just because it's a basic silver watch doesn't mean it will work with all your outfits.
-Own at least 4 watches; one for your casual days, one for special occasions, one for work and one with lots of drama!

So next time your asked for the time, hopefully you won't be reaching for your cell phone but instead showing off your stylish watch and sense of fashion.


AND the WINNER is.....




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