Monday, July 23, 2012

The NEW Accessory? Part 2 of 3 - Sunglasses

Chloe Sunglasses, gifted by

Yes Darlins, Sunglasses are NOW an accessory.  They are no longer just a means to protect your eyes but a piece of fashion to add style to any outfit. The days of owning one pair of your favorite sunglasses are over and if you find yourself wearing big 70's inspired squared frame sunglasses with your office wear, you might want to check your style (that is, if style matters to you).  I know it matters to me, that is why for sometime now I've been building my "shades" collection.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't own tons of designer sunglasses.  My collection varies in quality and price,  from $10.00 shades to fancy designer sunglasses.  I think if there's a style you wear the most, then splurge on those.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Kate Endress, Co founder of DITTO (a new online website selling designer eye wear).  She too agrees that eye wear has become a really big trend in accessories.  DITTO, makes shopping for sunglasses easy and fun. Unlike other website, DITTO lets you create a 3D virtual self from video footage to actual try on eye wear.  You can even share your virtual self for opinions or show and tell. As much as I wanted to try out this feature on DITTO, my web cam is down and I don't have a fancy phone (iphone, etc.).  Never the less, I loved their selection.

Love their packaging.

Here are my style match ups and tips on how to accessories your own outfits with sunglasses.


Melissa Velia Look Book SS12

 3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim

Tips - Accessorizing Sunglasses

- As much as a pair of glass would look great with your outfit, the shape of your face and the size of your head does play a role in picking the right pair for yourself.  Therefore be sure to try them on or "virtual self" on  Don't make the mistake of getting glasses that are way to big for your head, etc.
- A pair of colored sunglasses are always fun to own.  It's easy to add a pop of color to most outfits, like look number three above.
- Go with an era.  If your outfit is 70's inspired like look number one above, then match it with 70's inspired sunglasses.
- Don't be afraid of print sunglasses.  Sometimes a great print goes fabulous with a solid colored outfit, adding just the right drama to your look.
- Sunglasses are great in the Fall/ Winter too!  Just because it may rain and snow during these seasons, doesn't mean you won't need some eye protection.
- A pair of metal tone sunglasses are a must have in your collection. Whether it's a gold tone, silver or rust, metal looks great with most looks as long as you add other accessories in the same metal to go with your outfit.

Hope this was all helpful.  Stay tuned for my last post on the "The NEW Accessory?" series, plus you'll get to check out my new hair cut.  Let's just say, my bun days are over!



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