Monday, October 3, 2011

L.A. Emerged

It was truly a fabulous night. From the live music and amazing art to the Indy fashion.  L.A. really emerged to celebrate...ART. 

You know I have a thing for lighting and deco.  Totally fall in love with this pendent birdcage ceiling light.

The event was sponsored by a few products, Pop Chips being one of my favorites.

There were a few great performers Friday night, one of my favorites was Buffalo Electric.

Love how this picture came out.

Alysse Fischer was also amazing. I couldn't help to admire her shoes and her style.

Ready for this.....

Ta-da!!! How awesome is this piece of art?!  That's a real candle burning in her 3D hands.

Wish'en I would have asked artist Meirav Haber more questions about her fabulous art.

Fashion at it's best!  Ok, this piece is of course from my line but it sure got some rave reviews.  Look for this top and other new pieces coming to the Fall collection all month.


Totally fall in love with this red staircase, that I just had to shoot the face of my line Melina Perez on it during down time.

Recognize this lovely sense of style?  It's blogger Melissa from The Key To Chic & Fashion Trend Guide.  How cute is her dress?!  It was truly lovely to meet her, such a sweet gal.

Another sweet gal was Myly from Vintage Grime .

(picture via Vintage Manifesto)
Big thank you to Chris Blackwell from We Wit It L.A. for letting me be apart of this event.  Now, how awesome out their outfits?! Thanks to Vintage Manifesto, these boys were styling.

Busy month ahead from me, so if you don't hear from me, don't write me off Darlins. Just keep me in your prayers and know I'll be back with tons to share!


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