Saturday, October 29, 2011

Colonial Ladies

Hey Darlins, so this past week was another crazy one for me, from filling orders to two of my sons field trips.  It was at one of those field trips that I truly....enjoyed myself.  I was totally taken by the fresh crisp air and lost in time with all it's historical beauty.

Ok so where was I?  Riley's Farm in Oak Glen, CA.  How beautiful/ creepy is that house?  Yes, I am the biggest chicken you'll ever know but I couldn't help admiring what it'd be like to live in a place like this.

The day was filled with little trips to different parts of this huge farm.  Every step was a step back in time, from tools and lighting to language and clothing.

Ok how comfy do her "girls" look? Yeah, a bit tight.  I really don't know how they made EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH in outfits like that!  Can you image their "outfit post"?  "Maxi cotton skirt - from my mother, Wool cape with hood - Vintage" LOL

Textiles!  Weaving wool for clothing.

Hello! Men started the thigh-high boot trend! (Ha!)

I'd die to do a photo shoot here.

Seriously....had no clue what to wear to something like this.  I really need to get me some "mommy clothes".  In other words, I look over dressed at all my son's play dates and field trips.

Totally recommending this place loves, it's not only great for families but for couples or friends.  The bakery and restaurant is just amazing.  Step out of your world Darlins and enjoy the simple life for a few hours.


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