Monday, September 26, 2011

It's All New

Hello Darlins!

I've been quit busy these past couple of weeks, therefore neglecting my poor little blog.  So much is happening in my world right now, it's hard to keep up with everything.  The past two weeks I've been working on Spring 2012 that I will not be sharing till the end of this year.  Since I'm not doing a fashion show this October, I decided not to show and tell till the Spring photo shoot.  The photo shoot that some lucky gal will be featured in from the "Beauty Is" Contest.

I've also been working on some accessories, that I couldn't help but launch a bit early.  The official launch and full collection of my accessory line will not be coming out till Spring 2012.  Which will included, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair pieces and belts.  AND maybe, all be doing some handbags too.  Lord only knows.

Really didn't want to be model but I just had to show you how awesome these babies are.  Every time I wear them out, ladies stop and ask me where I got them. What do I say? MelissaVelia. (hehe)  No, I don't tell that it's me.

Also new to my label is my gift collection, which I decided to do out of the blue and has become a hit with fashion students and office fashionista alike.

Clients will be able to shop all of the above and more in person this Friday at EmergeLA.  I'm really looking forward to this event, love the music, love art and of course fashion.

I'll be giving away a pair of my new earrings plus 40% off coupons to a select few, so I hope to see some of you there.

My plate is pretty full next month, so much so I had to miss a cologne junket where I could've interviewed Paul Walker! Yeah my kids come first, had a parent meeting that night.  Also next month, Project Ethos, a friends fashion show, LAFW, son's 4th birthday, son's field trip, church function, and of course more designing (Spring 2012 & Fall 2012).

Am I BCBG, Busy Crazy Blessed Gal. (I know, I'm a nerd)


  1. I wish I would have entered :( I love photoshoots!! But I love azlyn and Elisa so I'm hoping they win it :)) ur earrings are beautiful wish I was a fancier dresser -Angie V

  2. I know, would have loved for you to enter too but I admire your respect more. And believe me, your fancy enough to rock those earrings!

  3. Love those black earrings


  4. That's great news! Looks like your hard work is paying off! Hopefully, I'll see your collection at project Ethos this month! I can't wait for LAFW.

  5. I know I can't wait for LAFW either! Unfortunately I won't be showing at Project Ethos this season but I do plan on attending. My next fashion show won't be till Fall 2012 in March. It was truly lovely to finally meet you.