Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Foodie - Quick Fiber Lunch

Welcome to my new blog series, Foodie.  I was inspired to start this blog series by my dear friend Nicky.  If I had a dime for everytime we talked about food, I'd have some extra income right now. (ha!)  I mean from cereal (one our favs.) to dining-out and donuts.  So I thought why not talk about food with you, my readers or better yet, share with you my love for cooking.

Let me quickly state, I'm no Rachel Ray or Julia ChildChef Ramsay would die at my presentations and techniques.  This is simply a busy gal who loves to cook and EAT.  Sharing with you how-to-make, where-to-eat, must-tries, and pure...YUM.

Starting with today, a Quick Fiber Lunch.  Have you ever heard of a Sope (pronounced "SOH-peh") ?  Well it's a Mexican food that "can" be very quick and easy to make.  Here's what you'll need;

Cooking oil:  Mazola Canola Oil, 100% pure, Cholesterol free, 0g Trans Fat

Beans:  Rosarita Traditional Refried Beans (note: you "can" make your own fresh beans if your have an extra two hours to spare.  Excuse me while I shame my ancestors)
Sopes:  Romero's Sopes  (once again you "can" make these from scratch if you have more time to spare.)
Sour Cream:  Cacique, Crema Mexicana, Grade A Table Cream (optional)
Cheese:  Ranchero Brand, Queso Fresco, Part skim milk cheese (optional)
Hot Sauce or Salsa:  Tapatio (side note, how cute would Mr. Tapation be with Miss Rosarita!) (optional)

Veggies:  Tomatos, lettuce, avocado, etc.
We start with a plain old sope.  (Note: you don't have to fry it, you can always bake it till it's toasty but know....everything taste better fried, ha!)
Put a little puddle of oil in your frying pan.

Make sure you have the right cooking tools, like these tongs. The longer the better! (HA! "That's what she said!")

Fry each side for about 3mins each.  You don't want them too hard.

Note, the color.
Now it's time for the beans.

I know what your thinking....what's Fidos food doing on your counter!  Trust me, it gets better.

Now we add a little sour cream to make the beans more tasty and moist. (Little trick I got from my sister)

Now we start piling on the fix'ens.

Tomatos. (right about here, I'm kicking myself for forgetting to pick up some avocado)

Sour Cream.
Chile or salsa.

Ta-da! Yum.  What did you think?  Would love to hear feed back from you guys or even questions.  Feel free to ask.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Yum is right! I used to eat tostadas in a similar style quite often - this has reminded me of how much I loved them and I'm looking forward to trying the sopas too! :)
    - Jessica Ivy (not sure how else to post other than "Anonymous" lol)

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you like them. And posting with Anonymous and your name is just fine ;)