Monday, August 8, 2011

Ciao, Chu-La Couture

Hey Darlins, forgive me for posting later then I said I would.  Also, for not doing the video blog that I had wanted to do.  I really just had a hard time finding a quiet place in my house or office to record.  Yes, my world is that loud all day, all the time.  Hello, why do you think I'm always so forgetful? My brain rarely rest.

Anyways, so here's my big announcement....I'm closing my boutique!  Sound familiar? Why yes, I've mentioned this before.  I tried closing the store I think earlier this year but business was just to busy.  Business was good.  And today, business is still good.  What can I say, I started a business during a recession and now here I am, closing that business in it's prime.

Never the less, Chu-La Couture will go out with a bang, after FNO 2011, in which we (the store) will be a part of this year.  Now..."the whys" are a few of my "whys" to closing this chapter in my life.
  • I've become much to busy to manage two separate companies
  • Fulfilled my financial goal with Chu-La Couture.
  • My dream was to be a designer, not a boutique owner.
  • People coping my store ideas, concepts, marketing, name, etc.
  • Other stores selling items, that I've once carried.
  • Vendors not going in a good style direction.
And many other reasons...but most importantly, I wanted more time with my family.  So here I am now on a new chapter in my life. I am truly sadden to let go of what was such a big part of my life but honestly relieved from all it's business burdens.

Know that you will still be able to shop Chu-La Couture till September 15th, so please use all your coupons and discounts before then (for they will be void, after that).  Also, if you just can't let go of Chu-La Couture statement styles, know that at the beginning of each season all accessories and handbags from Melissa Velia's photo shoots will be on super sale on

Thank you to all who have supported and loved Chu-La Couture.  xoxox.

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