Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow Ball 2012

Couture, Hollywood CA

Take a little trip with me back to the late 1970's.  Although this wasn't a themed event, I felt like I was taken back into a disco a bit with all the sequins and silky fashion all around me.

As much as I wanted to make myself something lovely to wear for the party, I simply didn't have time.  So what did Cinderella do?  Why, visit her local "Fairy Thrift Store".  Yes, scored this vintage sequins mini dress for $5!  I just couldn't wait to wear it.  I matched this lovely dress up with some velvet ruffle stilettos, our black velvet Slender Bow Belt and our limited edition Platinum At The Opera Earrings.  

The lovely Jasmine from Glitter On The Ceiling.  Loved how she styled her dress.

The lovely Melissa from The Key To Chic.  How cute is her hair?! Loved it.  And yes, that's a Slender Velvet Bow Belt you see. Twins!

The evening was great.  Loved hanging out with friends and my date. The appetizers and desserts were delicious.  I didn't care for the sponsored beer to much but my martini was pretty fancy.  The gifting suite had a lot of fun stuff that I will be sharing with you on my next post, including the cute dress I got from earlier that day at the Styling Suite.  Which I wish I had taken more pictures at that event but I was kinda all over the place at the time.  Truly looking forward to next years festivities with Two Point Oh LA.  Thank you, Kelsi!

My date for the husband.  Can you tell my lashes were a bit to heavy for me?! HA!


  1. major score on your dress! loved it! and your earrings - always a hit.
    so sad I didn't get to take a picture with you.
    hope to see you again soon.

  2. Aw that photo of us came out so cute! You got your dress for $5?! That's amazing. So good seeing you. <3

    1. Disco queens! Yes the dress was in the costume section, lol. I was like, that's not a costume, people actually dress like that! Lol! It was great seeing you to xo

  3. You are Beautiful!! GREAT pictures and is Great to follow you Blog :)