Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 at BCBG

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years, since the horrific tragedies of September 11th, 2001.  Memories of that day remain as fresh as the day they happened.  I'm sure many of you have told your stories of where you were that day, how you found out and what you felt.  As repetitive as it can be to listen to peoples stories of that day, it is also a way to remember the lives lost that day. I spent almost all day yesterday watching every memorial, listening to every one's stories and just....feeling.  Here is my story of that day.

It was an ordinary day like any other.  I was up early and on route to my job as a showroom manager and sales rep. for Parallel Clothing, a division of BCBG.  It was fashion week in New York and I was to man our office alone in the California Mart while most of the BCBG team was in New York.  As I sat in traffic listening to music at the base of downtown L.A. I was suddenly dumb-founded by the breaking news on the radio.  "A plane has just hit one of the twin towers.." The first thing I thought was, this is a joke. An Orson Welles moment.  Then seconds later, my dad calls me on the phone and urgently tells me to get out of L.A. that America was under attack and that it was all true what was happening in New York.  As I stared up at the tall buildings in front of me, a sudden fear came over me.  I quickly made a u-turn back towards the freeways, and I was quickly followed by other cars.

When I arrived at a friends house and began to watch this nightmare continue to unfold, I called BCBG to let them know I would not be coming in considering what was happening.  I was scolded and told that I had to get to the showroom a.s.a.p. and that everything was fine.  I refused, thinking I'd rather be fired then go to work on the 5th floor of a building while all this was unfolding. 

I ended up staying at my friends house, watching every moment of what happened next.  I was in complete disbelief and in pure sadness.  I later found out that we (BCBG) lost buyers on one of those fights and that Max Azria (owner of BCBG) and the rest of the team in New York had to be removed by the Fire Marshal from the building they were in because Max refused to rap up his meeting.  Friends that were there, told me they were in complete fear but would not risk losing their jobs by walking out on their boss.                                (excerpt for my book)

I never got fired.

My life is not worth any job or career.  We must live for those we love and for those we loose, not careers or other superficial things.

May your week be blessed.

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