Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interviewing the Dreamer - the Photographer


Are you photogenic? I believe a truly great photographer can make anyone photogenic.  I've had the honor of working with a few great photographers in my past and this past weekend I had the privilege of working with another great, Robert Vega.  Not only was Robert a great photographer at my summer photo shoot but he was an easy person to work with.  Check-out my interview with Rob and his amazing work.

How did you get started as a photographer?
It wasn't something I planned on doing. It just kinda happened. I was in bands and playing music everyday before I got serious about photography. I always wanted to be a musician and get signed and tour the world and all that good stuff.

Music - Bright Eyes

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
No. I've always loved taking photos, it was something that always intrigued me but I didn't take it serious until after the band I was in broke up. For a while after all that happened I didn't know what I was gonna do with my life. Since I was 12 all I was focused on was music, I woke up thinking music, I slept thinking music, and I practiced everyday. It's was my life and it was all I knew. And when it was over I didn't know what to do and I didn't know who I was outside of music. In a world without playing shows and practicing every single day I was lost. I didn't know what to do with myself. Then 2 of my friends and I took a trip to New York for my birthday. I had just bought a small compact camera that I took with me. I took over 1,000 photos in new york and it was on that trip when I feel in love with taking pictures. It's was then that I said to myself "Hey! I'm pretty good at this"


How long have you been a photographer?
I've been taking photos since high school. I took a class in high school and loved it. But at the time it was music first so photography was just a side thing. I became more serious with it like a little over 2 years ago. And just under a year ago I decided this is a career path I want to follow.

Melissa Velia photo shoot

Did you go to school for this or are you just a natural talent?
Just the one class in high school. The rest I learned from books, Photo blogs, videos, workshops. There's so much info out there and it's only a click away. I read and still learn about photography ever single day. And I guess you can say some is natural talent (wink).

What do you love about taking pictures?
I love capturing moments. I love the feeling and I love seeing the reactions a photo gets. Photos really do say so much. It can cause all types of emotions and they can say so much. You capture literally a fraction of a second of life wen you press the shutter and it's a moment that you can see over and over again for ever.


Do you want to do this for the rest of your life or are there other things your passionate about?
I have a lot of other passions but photographer is one I will never stop doing. I love photography. I also will never stop playing music. Even if it's just picking up the guitar and strumming by myself I don't think music or photography will ever not be in my life.

Who's your favorite photographer?
I have a couple but is if I had to choice one it would be Zack Arias. His style and approach amazes me. I learned pretty much all the aspects of photography from him. I have never met him in person but I feel like I know him personally. He just tells it how it is and I like that.

Who's your biggest supporter?
My fiancee Windy. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have followed my gut and I wouldn't be where I am today. She made me see my potential and showed me a side of myself I never knew existed. She brings out the best in me and I can't imagine what my life would be without her. We push each other to be the best we can be and we don't take no for an answers. I was never like that before. If something was hard or if I felt I wasn't good enough I would quit. But she pushes me and is always by my side as I am for her.

People - Windy

Who inspires you?
The world inspires me. I see the world and know there's more we can do to make life better. I really think people have the potential to be better but there's a lot of change that has to happen for us to reach our full human potential. I find inspiration all over the place. The people who inspire me the most is Windy and my Dad.


What is your favorite thing to shoot?
I love shooting people. I love seeing how people reach when a camera is pointing at them. And I love how powerful a look can be. Expressions are a power thing.


What's the hardest thing about being a photographer?
Making a living with a camera. There so much more to a photographer then just taking good photos. You have to be good at marketing and good at business. When your a photographer it's you and only you. Your starting a business and going at it alone. I've heard pro photographers say that it's 80% marketing and getting your name out there and 20% actually taking photos.

In your wildest dreams, where do you see your career?
I never ever thought photography was gonna be something I would want to do as a career. But now it's all I want to do. And its a job I could do forever.

Here's a sneak peek at my Summer 2011 Look Book by Robert Vega! And don't forget to check-out the rest of his work at http://www.robertvegaphotography.com/

Fashion - Melissa Velia Summer 2011


  1. Great summer photo shoot melissa. Your models look amazing. Especially little (big now) Janet ;) av

  2. Thanks love,I know Janet and the rest of her cousins are growing up...we're just getting old, lol.