Monday, April 4, 2011

All Around Inspiration

About three weeks ago, I went scuba diving.  Wow! Just the thought of that freaks me out! In all honestly, I ventured as far as the Aquarium Of The Pacific in Long Beach, CA. What can I say, I'm afraid of the ocean and after visiting the Aquarium....I think I have a right to BE!

People always ask me as a designer what inspires my work and I always tell them, it's everything around me.  All around inspiration is what this world has created. Do you ever look around your daily life and wonder what that something reminds you of or could be?  Well here's not only my first post in COLOR but how my crazy inspiration works!

IS: an aquarium. I SEE: beautiful chiffon print

IS: sea grass (so I think). I SEE: fringe on a summer top.

IS: seahorse in aquarium. I SEE: an outfit with these color combinations.

IS: shark. I SEE: a thin belt for a chocolate Fall dress

IS: sea urchin. I SEE: Lady Gaga

IS: sea horse. I SEE: a handbag

IS: sea creatures. I SEE: a top with detail shoulders

IS: me. I SEE: ?

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