Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Blog Direction

Fall 2013 Flat

Hello Lovelies!  

Well....I've decided to go in a new direction with my blog.  I think I've been a bit confused about what content I really wanted to share on here.  After much thought, I've decided that my blog will go back to what I set it out to be, an open journal into my world in fashion.  I have decided to no longer sponsor brands (in less it's one of my must haves), do give-aways (those will be on my Facebook page), DIYs, How-To's, etc.  There are a lot of great fashion blogs out there that have all that good stuff plus style tips and more.  Some of those great blogs, you'll find under "Blogs I Love" on the right.  My blog will now be an almost daily accounting of my day/days, projects, personal life, trials, photo shoots, collections, events and more.  Some days, my post maybe small or boring, others may have some drama or sneak peeks into my latest collections. I will still be doing more "Interviewing the Dreamer" post because I love to read about other peoples journeys. Never the less, I hope you continue to read and support my little world here and maybe it will be a bit inspiring.

You can also join in on my world on my Instagram under MelissaVelia.

On to the NEW!


  1. I'm excited to keep reading about your future endeavors :)

  2. Thanks love! I just realized I don't have you under "Blogs I love", I need your widget!! ;)

  3. always supporting you Mel!!! XO!!!