Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bored Sister

So I finally, finally have my laptop back.  I totally learned my lesson about computer maintenance and protections.  I had....are you ready for this, 145 viruses in my laptop.  It was as if my laptop was sleeping around without protection. Really.  Surprised it didn't pop out an ipad! (ha!).

Anyways, I have so much to share and so little time.  I might just have to do some back to back post if y'all don't mind.  Starting with today's post, Bored Sister (that would be me).  Ever since I was a little girl, I looooved make-overs and I was lucky enough to be blessed with a younger sister to practice (torment) on.

Denise (my sister) and I

I mean I've dyed her hair, given her bangs, given her layers and even once cut her eye lashes. Which for the record grew back and she was willing!  So this past weekend she was over with her family and once everyone was pretty much done for the day, I thought why not have a little practice.  I was once a freelance make-up artist and also worked for some while known companies on my down time from fashion.  That is why I do, do some of the make-up for my own photo shoots.  Other times, I just like to give people a chance to show their stuff (skills).  Anyways, here are some more photos from our little make-up photo shoot in my studio.

So I'm hoping to do a little DIY make-up video sometime next week.  Also, get the mommy wear post up for all you lovely ladies that have been asking.


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