Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Not Easy

Melissa Velia Fall 2013 Collection Preview

Heeeeyyy.  Miss me?  Well let me tell you what I've been up to the past month,

-fashion reality show auditions
-sourcing and constructing Fall 2013
-searching for places to shoot the collection
-looking for somewhere to show the collection
- Not finding the right place to show or shoot the collection
-mini vacation
-purchasing a photo studio for my garage
-processing orders
-Losing all funding for any future collections or business. period.
-more crying
-picking myself
-photo shoot
-editing pictures
-editing Fall 2013 video (coming March 11th)
-wondering were to go from here
-thinking about giving up
-moved my studio to a cold, dark place (had too)
-realized I've come to far to give up
-I have a new simple direction, not ideal and a bit backing tracking but still moving forward

What's to come,
-launching Fall 2013 video and look book
-two week hiatus (skipping LA Fashion Week)
-If I disappear in about a month, it's because I've just been offered the opportunity of a life time.
-launching Spring 2013 pieces
-launching new giveaway on our FB page
annnd......s-o   m-u-c-h    m-o-r-e.

 Stay tuned for all the details from my world here.
Thanks for reading lovelies.

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